I see you – about making connection

unsplash-logoAmanda Dalbjörn

In corporate cultures, a lot of emphasis is placed on production. And I don’t necessarily mean this in the literal sense, but also creating reports, answering emails etc. However, we almost don’t spend any time really listening to each other.

And then I ask myself, what is work really about? In an age of increased automation, human contact comes at an ever increasing premium. Being able to make connection and listening to another person, really listening, is ever more appreciated.

So why then, don’t we listen?

Here’s a beautiful TED talk from Amanda Palmer. It’s about making connection. She’s telling us: I see you. And I would like your help. Do you also really see the people around you? And do you ask for help?

By the way, if you find this kind of “new age”, guess again. Your network is also vitally important for achieving success.

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