Greatness Is Not Something Unattainable: Change Your Mindset


Achieving greatness in any field of professional and personal expression calls for hard work and dedication. However, spending countless hours learning a skill or surrounding yourself with great people can’t guarantee the desired results if your mind isn’t in the right place and you don’t maintain the right attitude.

You set your sights on becoming the next great entrepreneur, analytical marketer, inspiring artist, or a motivating role model for your children? The proper mindset is the key to achieving greatness, and here are the necessary steps to ensure your hard work always pays off.

Find your passion and envision your objectives

For some people, it’s always been easy to distinguish what motivates them to get up in the morning. For others, however, finding passion and hidden talents has never been an easy task. Luckily, if you happen to belong to the second group, there’s a handy trick to help you discover what makes your heart race.

What do you mostly think about while handling repetitive daily chores such as washing the dishes, mowing the lawn, or brushing your teeth? More often than not, the answer you give will get you a few steps closer to realizing your true passion.

Do you think about your job and how to be better at it? Is your childhood dream of becoming a professional photographer still often on your mind? Are you concerned with the wellbeing of your community? Or, perhaps, you worry about making your family happy? Your values often determine where your passion lies. Follow them to get the answer you’re looking for.

Accomplish goals at a reasonable pace

Once you get in touch with your true desires, it’s time to analyze your position objectively. It’s good to have goals you can’t easily achieve, but maintaining a reasonable outlook on the situation is crucial in the process of achieving greatness in any field.

The higher you aim, the more preparation and time you’ll need to witness a difference that matters. Don’t expect to see first results overnight and don’t rush into things before thinking them through. Small steps are just as worthy as the big ones. Follow your own pace rather than trying to catch up with someone else’s.

Commit yourself to the task at hand

Unfortunately, on the way to greatness, there are no shortcuts. Whether you aspire to discover a new theory about the universe, create an innovative product that will crush the market, or write the best essay paper your mentor has ever received, a lot of hard work is in store for you.

Passion is the greatest fuel for achieving excellence, but it won’t get you far if all you do is daydream about success. You’ll need to get your hands dirty and put in the effort in order to move ahead. Even the people who seem to do what they’re good at without breaking a sweat were once in your shoes – they simply don’t advertise the fact.

Don’t give up when it gets tough (and it will)

Whenever you do something new, after the initial struggle to get going in the first place, you’ll often feel the learning curve getting steeper. It seems you’re getting a hang of this new thing and it makes you feel motivated to keep going and do even more.

And then something strange happens. All of a sudden, it feels like nothing is going better, but instead starts going backward. For some people, this invisible obstacle quickly becomes a challenge that helps them keep going. For others, it feels like they’ve hit a brick wall.

This is the moment that separates truly great people from the faint at heart. When it gets difficult to move on, you know you’ve reached a higher stage of the process. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste.

Turn setbacks into an advantages

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, they say, and it’s still one of the best advice ever given from one fellow human to another. Each mistake, mishap, and adversity is a precious opportunity to grow and learn.

If you wouldn’t expect perfection from others, don’t be so harsh to expect it from yourself. We have our whole lives to walk, stumble, fall, and stand up again. Learn from the other people’s mistakes, and even more importantly, learn from your own.

Train and nurture your body and mind

Greatness calls for discipline, and the best way to get your thoughts and habits in order is to begin by living a healthier, more responsible life. A sound body equals a sound mind.

There’s more to living healthy than aiming to be good looking. Take care of your diet, make sure you get enough sleep, exercise moderately every day, and stay clear of habits that affect your body negatively.


Passion, excellence, power, strength, virtue: These days, everybody seems to have their own definition of greatness. Whichever way we describe it, the desire to reach the peak of our abilities is what every professional, and, ultimately, any person who wants to live their life to the fullest, all have in common.

Whichever your individual goals may be, you should know that you’re the only person in charge of your destiny. Get ready to switch into the mindset of a winner and make a meaningful change. Follow your passion and let it guide you to achieving true greatness in everything you do throughout life.

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