I've always been interested in personal effectiveness as part of my professional development. To put what I've learned to good use, I write weekly posts about my learnings and insights to help and inspire others. The topics range from improving productivity to being more effective in the broadest sense - at work and at home.

About WeeklyNinja.com

With my blog WeeklyNinja I publish posts on Friday about productivity and personal effectiveness each week. I picked Friday with a purpose: at the end of the week it is a good day for reflection. The topics that I discuss on my blog have many different topics, such as improving your habits, reflecting on trends in (personal) leadership and mindfulness. The reasons that I started this blog are twofold. I work as a Finance professional. Sometimes this can be stressful, other times I really do stuff I like. However, I always like to improve and learn new skills. I’ve developed an interest for books relating to self-improvement. I share what I've learned with you and hopefully inspire you to make positive changes.

Helping other with my learnings

A good example is The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. Although I read a lot, I find it difficult to apply the stuff I read on a consistent basis. As I want to improve on this, I’ve built in my weekly reflection moment on this blog and I like to share what I’ve already learned. Another reason is that every job creates by-products. Whether you realize it or not. And I figured: why not use all the by-products I am creating by doing my job and training to get better at it. Most of the improvement for me is on the “soft-skill” side in dealing with people (including myself). This knowledge can be applied across all industries, not just the one I’m working in. Therefore, I can “sell” it by means of this blog. If you are reading this, I’m happy you’re interest and humbled that you take interest. I hope my blogposts will help you in your daily work and life as a whole as well and I hope you enjoy yourself while reading this blog.

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