Overview of all my blogposts

Below you find all my blogs about improving productivity at work, increasing your personal effectiveness and minfulness. These will definitely help you to become happier, more productive and more content. If you like the posts, please don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter!

Connection – I see you – about making connection
E-mail and productivity –  How to prevent e-mails from annihilating your productivity
Feedback – How to be awesome at giving feedback
Grit – How to build grit
Habits – Creating powerful habits that set you up for success
Meditation – Loving kindness meditation; Being less stressed without losing your edge
Millenials – Why Millenials not only suck in the workplace
Mindfulness – Benefits of mindfulness on productivity and wellbeing
Open office spaces – How to improve productivity when working in open office spaces
Positive attitude –  Why a positive attitude matters at work and how to get onerk/
Procrastination – Why procrastination makes you sick and how to start working again
Rites of passage – How we forgot tribal wisdom in dealing with change
Success – The 5 laws of success
Stress – How to prevent holiday stress
Stress – 6 ways to prevent burn-out and stress related complaints
Time management – 3 tips to improve your time management