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Why Unfinished Tasks Stay in Your Brain – The Zeigarnik Effect

Ever feeling stressed out because of all the tasks you still have to finish? Feeling stress about unfinished jobs is quite common. It even has a name: the Zeigarnik effect. Here’s more on how unfinished tasks affect your memory and tips to prevent getting overwhelmed.
How to effectively manage your time

3 Tips How to Effectively Manage Your Time

Effective time management is not about doing more. It's not only about doing tasks more efficiently. No, I have 3 fresh tips how to effectively manage your time in stead.

How not to be successful – the cost of trade-offs

Overwhelmed by work? Trade-offs and opportunity costs are daily reality. Get tips to work less and achive more. Discover the power of choice.

Why stress wreaks havoc on your body… and how to prevent this from happening

High stress levels are detrimental for your health and your performance. Dealing with stress is difficult, but possible with these 5 highly actionable tips.

Why procrastination makes you sick and how to start working again

Everybody procrastinates sometimes. However, procrastination get's in the way of our reaching our full potential and health. Here's how to start working.
5 laws of success

The 5 universal laws of success

Success and reward are not always distributed equally or fairly. However, these 5 laws of success can help you to identify strategies for success.
How to build grit

How to build grit and achieve your goals

I recently read a very interesting book about grit – “The Power and Passion of Perseverance” by Angela Duckworth. She researched the relation between...
Creating powerful habits

Creating powerful habits to set you up for success

Last week I wrote a blog about mindfulness and using this to develop yourself both personally and professionally. This is clearly a...

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