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Interpersonal skills

Why emotional intelligence is so important in your job

Emotional Intelligence can be a better predictor of success than IQ. Read more here and get 7 tips how to improve your Emotional Intelligence here for things that can otherwise hold you back in your carreer.

A kinder approach to deal with criticism

Imagine this. You’re receiving criticism from or manager during your evaluation.You’re already getting angry. Before speaking, make sure to read these tips.

I see you – about making connection

What is work really about? In an age of increased automation, human contact comes at an ever increasing premium. Being able to make connection and listening to another person - really listening - is ever more appreciated. So why then, don't we listen?
Giving feedback

How to be awesome at giving feedback

You want or need to give feedback. Whether it is giving feedback in your role as a manager to one of your...

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