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Mindfulness and stress reduction

Why Unfinished Tasks Stay in Your Brain – The Zeigarnik Effect

Ever feeling stressed out because of all the tasks you still have to finish? Feeling stress about unfinished jobs is quite common. It even has a name: the Zeigarnik effect. Here’s more on how unfinished tasks affect your memory and tips to prevent getting overwhelmed.
feeling overwhelmed

4 Tips to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed All the Time at Work

An increasing amount of people is feeling overwhelmed all the time at work. Here are 4 tips that you can instantly use to prevent feeling overwhelmed!
mindfulness in a hurry

Mindfulness “in a hurry” – Tiny habits to reduce stress

In a hurry, but still want to feel centered in a busy day? No time for mindfulness meditation? These 5 tiny habits to reduce stress can be applied anytime!

Why stress wreaks havoc on your body… and how to prevent this from happening

High stress levels are detrimental for your health and your performance. Dealing with stress is difficult, but possible with these 5 highly actionable tips.

6 ways to prevent burn-out and stress related complaints

#Burn-out and #stress related problems have multiple facets. Research shows there are 6 causes of burn-out. But how to prevent getting burned-out? There is something you can do. Read more in the article below.

How to organize your work to prevent holiday stress

Imagine this: you're almost going on holiday, but you've still got tons of work to do. Actually, holiday only gives you more stress. Guess what? You're not the only one. Do you want to be less stressed? Read the following tips to prevent holiday stress!
Loving kindness meditation

Loving kindness meditation – Being less stressed without losing your edge

Are you feeling stressed but are you skeptical about "Loving kindness meditation"? Here are some key benefits that will convince you to start out.
Mindfulness meditation

Benefits of Mindfulness for productivity and well being

Welcome to my very first blogpost 😊. In this weekly blog I will discuss anything that will increase your productivity at work and your...

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