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The definition of productivity is: “the efficiency with which you can reach goals that you perceive as meaningful”. Therefore, to have a feeling that you are being productive, it is important for yourself to determine what your goals are (at what are you trying to be efficient?) and if those goals are meaningful for you.

The posts about productivity that I’ve included here mainly focus on how to efficiently reach your goals, but without losing sight of what is important. Increasing your productivity are only means to an end and you need to make sure that the end goal is worthwhile.

It is essential to turn productivity into a habit. Habits are behaviors that you do automatically. However, it takes time to develop productive behaviors. My posts will definitely help you to inspire to increase your productivity and to give you tips on how to change your behavior.

Stop Using To-Do Lists – They’re Guilt Trips From Hell

To-do lists help to offload tasks from our memory to paper. However, to-do lists never get finished and don’t help us achieve our long-term targets. Here’s what to do instead.

Why procrastination makes you sick and how to start working again

Everybody procrastinates sometimes. However, procrastination get's in the way of our reaching our full potential and health. Here's how to start working.
Giving feedback

How to be awesome at giving feedback

You want or need to give feedback. Whether it is giving feedback in your role as a manager to one of your...
email and productivity

How to prevent emails from annihilating your productivity

Do you also feel overwhelmed and stressed out sometimes by all the e-mails you have to answer? No wonder, as the average...
habit productivity sleeping

4 Habits That Increase Your Productivity

Do you want to increase your productivity at work? Here's some great news for you. It's not about working harder. Here's 4 habits that increase productivity.

How to improve productivity when working in open office spaces

Open office spaces are very popular these days and you see them being used by a lot of companies. As so many of us...

Why Multitasking Is the Worst Enemy of Productivity

mails, IMs, WhatsApp and even social media make it increasingly difficult for us to focus at work. Multitasking is getting ever more in demand in the workplace. Ironically, multitasking is where productivity comes to die. Here’s why and what to do instead.

Essentialism: How to vastly improve your life by setting priorities

Feeling overwhelmed and want to reach your highest point of contribution? Then essentialism is the way for you and you need to start setting priorities.

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